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Shop till We Drop!

Etsy & Amazon are two happy campers this week! As it turns out there are quite a few "basic" items when it comes to getting started in the art of flower making ... fabric shears, floral wire, milliners needles, an awl (?), fabric conditioner, tweezers, paintbrushes, a glue gun, cotton balls, floral tape, pins... another 7 items...  and a bin to put it all in --- AND this still doesn't include the actual millinery tools to shape petals & leaves!!

After my mini shopping spree on Amazon (largest order to date!) I spent on few hours on etsy and other sites checking out millinery tools:

mill1 mill2

While I still don't fully understand the benefits & difference between European tools (left) & Japanese Somebana tools (right) or vintage tools you heat on an iron vs. electric temperature controlled versions I went with the Somebana tools . I mostly did so because of the awesome flowers that I saw people making with them!

Thankfully after hours of searching and (trying French key words) I found this great shop art of flowers with tools at less than 1/2 the price of other shops that come up a little easier in search! The shipping takes a little long (10-20 days) but the shop owner has been super responsive to date and has great reviews.  I got the tools, pads, and 2 moulds!

I'll keep you all posted!! The hope is that some of my basics will arrive so I can hit the ground running on the ribbon designs and then I'll be ready to try my hand at some other fabric beauties by the time the tools and molds come in from Etsy! Excited!!


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