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Our First Silk Creation!!

Apologies for the late update! Our gorgeous folded silk rose was completed last week and we're happy to announce she's a stunner! For this project we used a two toned biased cut 100% silk ribbon made and hand dyed here in the good old USA. We're loving the design -simple yet elegant and striking. You'll definitely see more of these at launch!

Although we're happy with the end result it didn't happen on the first try!

Take 1:

Followed the instructions to a tee but didn't take into account the two-tone color and ended up with a green rose (instead of a purple one!). I also ended up with a center that was a little too defined and pleats with too much space in between.

Take 2:

We changed sides, did a test roll, and then re-arranged pleats again and voila!

Lessons Learned:

  • Although all-around gorgeous -- this rose came out a little too deep for our liking when it comes to hair accessories so we'll use probably use less ribbon on the next go round
  • Bias cut silk has a seam every 1.5 yards which you see (slightly) in the finished product -- another reason to use less material
  • It's best to test roll/fold before rolling and tacking (stitching) to ensure the pleats end up exactly how you want them - this is what we did the second time around!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more project posts!


We Missed You!!

We Missed You!!

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