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Etsy !

Who knew that getting an etsy shop up was so tough?!? It's been almost 3 months since our photo shoot and I've definitely learned a thing or two about images on etsy!! Re-sizing, making things look good on their white background, multiple product shots... all things you learn once you realize none of your 90+ photos look right!

Despite all our work with the photographer I ended up enlisting two girlfriends and my android to re-shoot all the product images and several of the model shots...

The good news: The about page, store policies, and all the images are up!

Still in progress: All product descriptions... :/

The goal is to finish it this week so I can go back to focusing on the good stuff: Projects, blog posts, and more lovely flowers!

Stay Tuned!

Update: The site is now live and available via our "shop" tab!! Items are going fast so be sure to stay tuned for our debut collection in 2016.  As always we love custom orders so if you see anything you like on the blog just give us a shout! 



Did we just launch??

Did we just launch??