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We first heard of Maison Légeron about a year ago when reading about it's status as the last remaining independent flower maker in France: Since then it looks like a lot has changed-- we've seen more coverage, more videos, and a snazzy new website! Although the goal is to one day meet  Mr. Légeron in person this past week we found the next best thing:  videos of him giving a tour of his atelier & detailing their flower making process. This finding perfectly coincides with two recent camellias and curls purchases: ancient moulds from France and a course on dyeing silk (stay tuned for posts on these)!  Soon we'll be able to re-create the full process here at camellias and curls!

Check out the amazing "Meet the Creatives" series below from a few years back -- the videos are in French but there are subtitles for the key information.  We also note where our process differs from the original below!

History of Légeron -- dating back to 1880:

Additional information-- this is on their feather business!:

Flower making process: 

Step 1: Fabric Preparation  (starts at 6:19)

We use the same method-- but sometimes use gum arabic instead of gelatine. We don't have the stretchers but we dry it on a wooden rack or clothesline then iron as needed -- or don't iron to leave some character!

Step 2: Cutting

We sadly don't have the fancy machines -- or all the old school cutters so we have to do this step by hand! We now own a few moulds like the ones seen in the video--  but most of our shaping is done by hand using even older tools (seen in step 4).

Step 3: Dyeing

To date we have been using pre-dyed silks to mix colors and create depth but we just picked up some courses from an excellent flower artist in Switzerland so we'll be adding hand dyed flowers to our assortment soon!

Step 4: Assembly

We have the brass irons seen heating on the wall and in the fire -- we learned a thing or two about using tweezers and working on 4 petals at a time from this video!

Rock Your Florals #1: Flower Crowns

Rock Your Florals #1: Flower Crowns

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