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Welcome to our blog! We'll keep you updated with weekly posts on our new projects & plans. Be sure to connect with us for the latest news, DIY projects, and exclusive offers! 

Welcome to 2018.  New Blog, New Look!

Welcome to 2018. New Blog, New Look!

Here's to getting a jump on the New Year! 

I am so excited about this new and improved Rock Your Florals blog!! Over the next few months you'll get an inside look at the camellias and curls brand, what we've been building over the past few years and where we are going next.

In 2018 my hope is to engage with you more, meet all our online fans, share my love of flowers, and share my personal goal of showcasing beauty in diversity.

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Sending love and a BIG THANK YOU for stopping by!  As always: Stay Curly. Bloom Daily. Rock Your Florals!


Meet Dorian!

Meet Dorian!

A Night of #Flowermaking

A Night of #Flowermaking