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All about Mimi!

All about Mimi!

What drives me is my younger self, I want to make sure the younger version of me is proud of the woman she turned into.
— Michelle Makela

Michelle aka Mimi is the second Stroll Groove dance crew member to grace our Curly Files! 

Be sure to check out her photos and learn more about this beauty below. 

You can follow Michelle on instagram at @mustbemimi!


Sacramento CA


Professional Dancer and MUA

If there was a thought bubble on the side of your head what would it usually say?

“I wonder what my dog is doing right now?”

Why do you do what you do?

I dance because it is my form of self expression; it is my essence, my passion.

What drives you?

My younger self is my driving force, I want to make the younger version of me proud of the woman she turned into.

What is your biggest accomplishment and why?  

My biggest accomplishment so far is moving to LA to follow my dreams; it has allowed me to grow and find success!

If you had an extra 5 hours in your day – what would you spend it on?

If I had five extra hours I would use it to either sleep or dance more.

What’s the secret to your success?

The secret to my success, honestly, is never giving up. Although that sounds like a cliche, I believe it is the key to any success.

What's the one skill set you're working on right now? And how are you tackling it?

At the moment I am working on becoming a person that takes better care of herself. “Self Care”, learning to love myself more and embrace my flaws whilst being the best version of myself.

Have you ever found yourself discouraged and how do you deal?

I have found myself discouraged on multiple occasions. In the industry I am in I am told “no” a lot. Usually I am not given a reason, so my mind goes wild thinking: “Am I not pretty enough?”, “Am I not good enough?”, “Can I even dance?”, but in those times I surround myself with my closest friends (who are usually going through the same thing) as we are a support system for each other. I also take time to self encourage myself because in my heart I know I have what it takes.

What do you love most about your curls?

 I love my curls because they are wild, free, and fun!

Your favorite go-to hairstyle?

My curls! 

Your Favorite Flower?

Sun flowers.

Advice for Curly Girls/Other Women?  

My advice would be to always follow your heart and know that you are beautiful!

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