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Meet Dorian!

Meet Dorian!

I rarely do things perfectly the first time and I also don’t have very good luck. I am stubborn ... I keep trying, keep practicing, keep editing until I find the outcome satisfactory. Never give up or reject yourself, always try and give your 100%.
— Dorian Aleccia Cohen

We met Dorian as part of a recent collaboration with the ladies of the Stroll Groove dance crew!

Check out her photos and learn more about this fierce goddess below. 

You can follow Dorian on instagram at @dorianaleccia!


Chicago, IL


Profession Dancer and Teacher

If there was a thought bubble on the side of your head what would it usually say?

My thought bubble would likely say, “I’m Stressed.” I often use this expression in an overgeneralized fashion because of my concern for everything. I care a lot about every project and task that I begin. Usually when I say I am stressed, the tone is both lighthearted and serious.

During this time, I have a range of emotions: anxiety, excitement, nervousness, and then some. My stress levels are not unhealthy, but I am always investing my all with my day-to-day.

Why do you do what you do?

I am a professional dancer because I love the universal language of dance. It was introduced to me when I was four years old.  I have been able to communicate across various countries and cultures using this language. I love how free I feel when I dance; my insecurities disappear and I can connect with the human spirit (the amoeba of human energy).

I teach because I love the community I am from and I think it is very important to give back. I was able to teach English and history for three years and brokered connections with students. It gave me the opportunity to teach them content they would normally find irrelevant. I also used tools necessary for contemporary survival such as social media, which was so fun for the students and for me.

What drives you?

My family is probably my biggest driving force. I carry a piece of them in all aspects of my life. I consider my dad to be the academic/career focused motivator; he accomplished a lot academically at a young age via accelerated programs and I feel as though that pushed me to get my Masters at 24, while dancing and teaching full time.

My mom keeps me spiritually balanced in life. She has read more books than I could possibly list and is the most balanced person I know. She meditates constantly and is so emotionally intelligent because she constantly reflects on how her feelings are shaped by her past experiences and her current reality. She keeps me balanced and inspired to do the same, as I always find the Yin to my Yang.

My sister has a lust for life that remains unmatched. She unintentionally is always adding to my bucket list with her travels, and thirst for new experiences. She drives my need to take life by the horns and live vividly.

What is your biggest accomplishment and why?  

My biggest accomplishment was probably obtaining my Master’s degree in Education. It is something I hold near and dear to my heart because I feel like it was a true test of my will and spirit. I was able to achieve this goal while working full time as a school teacher and dancing. It is always a reminder that when others say something is impossible, they are speaking from a place of fear; that I should always try to do whatever my heart sets on achieving; even if it means 20-hour days.

If you had an extra 5 hours in your day – what would you spend it on?

I would probably spend an extra 5 hours a day sleeping or working out. The first thing I cut out of my life, though it’s the most important, is sleep. I always find my brain and body running, constant ideas moving me and keeping me from sleep. I tend to sleep less than 6 hours and I always wish I had more time to rest, just so that I could be more efficient on my day-to-day as well as feel healthier. The working out component is yet another piece toward feeling healthier.  I love the feeling I get after pushing my body to the limit and challenging my threshold but I often find there are not “enough” hours to get efficient workouts in. With five extra hours I would wake up early and start my day with a refreshing run or morning yoga :)

What’s the secret to your success?

The secret to my success is persistence. I rarely do things perfectly the first time (if ever) and I also don’t have very good luck. However, I am stubborn and thus I keep trying, keep practicing, keep editing until I find the outcome satisfactory. Persistence is key in a lot of areas in life. I always feel like you should never give up or reject yourself. I was taught that you let others do that, but you should always try and give your 100%.

What's the one skill set you're working on right now? And how are you tackling it?

A skill set I am working on is self-control, particularly with fitness and with healthy eating. I love to snack on chips and sweets and it has been something that has not served my body well as I get older. I am working on self-control as well as addressing the reason I feel the need to snack. I found it was often anxiety or emotionally triggered eating and as I dive into daily fitness routines and healthy meal prep I have been practicing daily self-control to not slip and use fatty foods or snacks to compensate as emotional responses so that my body remains in tip-top condition.

Have you ever found yourself discouraged and how do you deal?

Working in the entertainment industry can easily discourage a person. It’s easy to compare oneself to others based off quantitative success or appearances. I deal with the discouragement through constant check ins with my family. They are my anchors and they constantly keep me grounded and in tune with my values and initial goals.

I also meditate DAILY! My favorite guides are Deepak Chopra and Oprah who team up to give a lot of meditation experiences that reinvigorate me during times where I can only seem to see what I am lacking instead of all I have already accomplished so far.

What do you love most about your curls?

I love their low maintenance. I am a busy girl and not too obsessed with looks or the external. I love that in a pinch I can style my curls with a splash or two of water (and some leave in conditioner if I’m lucky) in/on any bathroom, car, or street and keep on stepping about.

Your favorite go-to hairstyle?

A messy curly bun or free flowing curls out and ready to bounce.

Your Favorite Flower?

I have always loved tulips! The house I grew up in would randomly sprout a few tulips every summer from the old owners of the home who had planted them in their garden. They were a gorgeous red and yellow mix. I love how vibrant tulips colors can be. I have also found that they blossom in the most patient yet exquisite way. Though they are capable of fully expanding and stretching each petal, the ones in our garden were so careful, almost as though they weren’t going to let the world all the way in, at least not right away, as though there was some mystery or secrecy still yet to bloom

Advice for Curly Girls/Other Women?  

“Nosce Te Ipsum”- “Know Thyself” No one can tell you how or who to be better than you. Trust in all that creates your very essence and don’t allow external forces and energies to penetrate and attempt to distort that YOU.


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